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Emergency information

The declaration of a state of emergency announces it to Fukuoka . Time frame: January 14-February 7

"[2021 January] about emergency measures it takes for novel coronavirus infection expansion."

  • A general information page about novel coronavirus is established.
  • Kitakyushu member of an assembly general election is until 20:00 from 8:30 on the 30th from January 23.

Banner advertisements

The responsibilities for advertisements and linked contents belong to the advertisers. It's not to say that this city recommends the advertisements.

  • Advertising: Corporation eye U home
  • Advertising: Sunny Life Co., Ltd.
  • Advertising: Misato construction corporation
  • Advertising: Kitakyushu city  Building apartment  Order housing (external links).
  • Advertising: A handyman  Cleaning  Disposal  Hands craft (external links).
  • Advertising: Momento arrangement  Kitakyushu (external links)
  • Advertising: Corporation answer club
  • Advertising: Yasuhira construction corporation
  • Advertising: Weasel extermination (external links)
  • Advertising: Corporation NEXT INNOVATION (external links)
  • Advertising: JICHITAIWAKUSUHASSHU (external links)
  • Advertising: Corporation hope (external links)
  • Advertising: Japan Finance Cooperation  (external links)
  • Post enterprisers of paid banner advertisements are being recruited (3).
  • Post enterprisers of paid banner advertisements are being recruited (4).
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